Removing concrete stains on Concrete driveways with acid and degreaser scrubbing. Concrete stains come out easier on concrete sealed driveways and garages as well as patios and walkways. Commercial concrete stains and residential concrete stains come out the same way with acid scrubbing and pressure washing.  Concrete stains come out easier when concrete surface was concrete sealed before hand.  

Concrete cleaning and pressure washing is the back bone to a proper concrete stain or concrete sealer For ultimate hold with out peeling of your concrete stain and concrete sealer, proper concrete cleaning and pressure washing is needed. 

Concrete acid cleaning and pressure washing is also important with a concrete garage floor Epoxy. Pressure washing blows out the pours of the concrete and the acid opens the pours for the Epoxy to hold onto.  

Paver Cleaning is also scrubbed and Power washed lightly so a penetrating concrete sealer can be applied.  This will protect your investment.  

Proper concrete cleaning and scrubbing is also important when concrete polishing the floor. This helps the polish to stick and shine much better. 

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