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 Concrete staining in sandstone color.  Concrete sealing is followed in high gloss concrete sealer. Concrete cleaning and pressure Washing is performed prior to concrete staining and concrete sealing 


indoor concrete staining and concrete sealing is so beautiful. rip out that old carpet and tile. Cost effective and easy to maintain. concrete cleaning, concrete sanding and concrete grinding  is performed prior to concrete staining and concrete sealing.


 Concrete Staining and Concrete Sealing on back Patio in Las Vegas Nevada and Henderson Nevada.  All Concrete Staining and Concrete Sealing is prepared with proper Concrete Cleaning and Pressure Washing. 


 Concrete Cleaning on a garage floor.  Concrete Sealing is followed after proper concrete Cleaning is completed. 


 Concrete Trend offers garage floor concrete Epoxy coating with a brilliant concrete gloss sealer   Garage floors are also offered in a concrete stain and gloss concrete sealing.  all concrete staining, concrete sealing and Epoxy is concrete cleaned for exceptional wear. 

Concrete staining

 Concrete driveway staining in a flagstone concrete Stain color .  Concrete cleaning and concrete sealing was applied prior to concrete staining. High gloss concrete sealer was applied over the concrete Stain. 

Concrete cleaning.
Concrete sealing.
Concrete staining
Custom Patio concrete staining.

 Concrete Staining and concrete sealing on a residential patio in Sandstone and Terra Cotta concrete Stain.   Concrete cleaning and pressure washing was performed prior to concrete staining. This concrete stain was custom designed to resemble the surrounding brick pavers.  

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